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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Healthier and Better Looking Than a Suntan!

A healthy diet and a healthy circulatory system can give your face a healthy glow that looks better than a suntan. When you eat plenty of dark leafy green and dark yellow or orange vegetables, their colorful carotene pigments tend to build up in your skin. Not only do these natural antioxidants help to protect your skin from sun damage, they give you a golden glow that is more attractive than an ordinary suntan. The bright red color of oxygenated blood flowing through your skin also adds a healthy-looking rosy glow.

Doctors have known for a long time that the yellow and orange pigments from fruits and vegetables can end up in your skin. If you drink huge amounts of carrot juice, your skin could turn noticeably yellow. This condition, called carotenosis, is harmless and will go away by itself if you cut back on the carrot juice. At first glance, a severe case of carotenosis might look like the yellow discoloration (jaundice) that results from liver failure. However, the whites of the eyes turn yellow in people with jaundice but stay white in cases of carotenosis.

Scientists have found that a mild case of carotenosis actually makes a light-skinned person look healthier and more attractive.  A scientific study found that this golden glow is more attractive than an ordinary suntan.

You can also get a slightly orange blush if you drink huge amounts of tomato juice, which contains the red pigment lycopene. Like carotenosis, this condition is harmless and will go away by itself.

A healthy circulatory system also gives your skin a healthy glow. As you’ve probably noticed, people who have anemia or a circulatory problem typically have an unattractive pale or blue-gray complexion. In someone with healthy circulation, the bright red color of oxygenated blood shines through the skin to produce a healthy glow. It’s all the more reason to eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet and get plenty of exercise!

The effects of carotene and blood circulation are more obvious in a light-skinned person. However, a healthy diet and exercise are no less important for the health and appearance of a dark-skinned person!

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